Elizabeth Cooksey Healing and Gestalt Therapy in Salisbury

Healing and Therapy in Salisbury

I am counsellor and energy healer interested in body mind spirit connections. For many years I was a Gestalt psychotherapist working as a trainer of other counsellors and still practice as a supervisor. My main interest remains working with individuals who are experencing difficulties and problems in their life. These can be experienced as physical or mental ill health or just a sense something is not right. Working as a GP counsellor enhanced my sense of how often a named condition such as depression is related to unaware or unnamed ways of seeing the world that were often created in the early years as the best way of dealing with the situation then. However these become the norm and do not get updated to fit the current life conditions of the adult. My work is to uncover HOW something is being dealt with now and WHAT other healthier ways can be created to deal with it now. Understanding WHY something is the way it is can be supportive but does not change the situation like knowing the WHAT and HOW.

What I am offering in Salisbury area and London is a unique blend of counselling or talking therapy and energy healing.
So by talking I find out what the problem is and how you currently deal with it. While listening I become aware of what your body is saying and what kind of energy system you have. Everyone has an energy field around them which is part of who they are. After talking and sensing I decide what therapeutic approach to take. It maybe concentrating on talking first or starting with some energy work.

When working with your energy field I will ask you to lie on a couch with your clothes on. I will then use my hands on or off the body to sense in more detail where the difficulty lies and send energy to where needed. The majority of clients find this a deeply relaxing experience and thoughts and images may come up that are useful to the therapeutic process.

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